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Leading Black Employees During Times of Social Unrest

There was a time when speaking about certain topics at work was strictly taboo. Any discussion of religion, politics, or sex could result in disciplinary action, a one-way ticket to the unemployment office, or even a lawsuit. But increasingly, political discussions are pervading the… Continue Reading “Leading Black Employees During Times of Social Unrest”

Give a d.a.m.n. about your stakeholders

Instructional Designers walk a fine line between providing what stakeholders want and what learners need. On top of that, we have to create engaging content that gets results. It ain’t easy wearing so many hats, but if you give a D.A.M.N. about your stakeholders,… Continue Reading “Give a d.a.m.n. about your stakeholders”

HOW NOT TO MURDER YOUR SPOUSE (while working remotely, during a pandemic)

They say the true test of a relationship is to take a road trip together. I would argue that the real test is working remotely in the same house, while under stay-at-home orders—during a pandemic. In fact, this can be downright traumatic for some… Continue Reading “HOW NOT TO MURDER YOUR SPOUSE (while working remotely, during a pandemic)”